Collaborating with Mexican restaurant Wahaca and Exec Produced by Hamish Jenkinson, the eerie challenge of celebrating the Mexican holiday Day of the Dead found the perfect location in the  Old Vic Tunnels, opening the gates to the afterworld and letting the prayers of loved ones freely travel to the deceased. Headlined by Latin virtuoso duo Rodriogo y Gabriella, this event showed the photography of the acclaimed Mexican artist Graciela Iturbide and installations from visual artists Hew locke, Le Gun, Dr Lakra and Nancy Fouts. There was also a live score from The Cabinet of Living Cinema, which accompanied screenings of Alejandro Jodrowsky’s classic film ‘Santa Sangre’.  Hundreds of candles, mules and extravagant, unnerving looking waiters  embodied the spirits being let free to wander the tunnels.