Catching dragonflies in Kings Cross Station? Laptops Might Fly! 

In Conversation with The Department’s Art Director - Mark Forrest

What is the HP Elite Dragonfly? 
HP have created the world’s lightest laptop, made from ocean bound plastics and un-breakable security. This laptop is aimed at the tech savvy, corporate market. And it’s dragonfly blue!

What was the brief and how we deliver on it?
We were briefed by our partner PR agency, Edelman, to create an incredible activation that drives awareness of this laptop and engages with audiences in exciting and refreshing ways. We created a beautiful art installation based on dragonfly wings, including levitating laptop displays and a location-based AR game and dragonfly camera filters in London’s King’s Cross, Victoria, and Waterloo and Birmingham and Manchester train stations.

What inspired this idea?
The animal (or insect) itself. We wanted to harness the beauty and iridescence of a dragonfly’s wings to create social currency and an Instagram moment #lighterthanair.  To highlight the weight of the laptop, we literally made it levitate. Many children thought it was magic when, in fact, it was magnets! The AR game and camera filter were used to highlight the technological advancements of the HP Elite Dragonfly.

What was the purpose and impact of the AR gaming experience?
The dragonfly wings and levitating displays were a very eye catching branding exercise.  HP wanted to create a very non-traditional consumer launch that embodied the UPSs of the product.  Consumers could play the game to win an HP Elite Dragonfly. ‘Gamification’ is very on trend and HP wanted to be perceived in a playful manner.  It’s fun to see people taking moments out of their day to catch virtual hovering dragonflies! The camera filter added a further layer and created shareable moments for social media.

How do you see AR and gaming growing in significance for brand experiences?
We also wanted to engage the audience on a deeper level. Augmented reality allows for brands to communicate with audiences in more subtle and engaging ways. As AR is digital by nature, it also allows for greater social reach, which is a marketer's dream from a data capture and tracking standpoint. 

Platforms such as Facebook’s Spark AR Studio, integrate 3rd party AR filters and games seamlessly through a user’s existing phone apps. This means the user does not have to download a separate app to use an AR feature.