Outstanding creativity is at the heart of everything we do. The conception of transformative immersive experiences that push boundaries, a unique blend of technology with theatre. We develop immersive stories for brands that take audiences beyond marketing into 360 worlds, breaking the fourth wall. Memorable experiences that are participatory and like no other. We endeavor to build a long-lasting bond between brand and user, with seamless integration of your messaging into exciting experiences. Something that cannot be replicated in any other medium.
Unique. Immersive. Brave.

At a glance

Ideation & Development
Concept design
Experience flow
Art Curation
Installation Direction
Set Design
Branding Integration
Musical Direction
Unique Talent Sourcing


Flawless execution of unique creativity undertaken by our unique ecosystem of talent. Each expert is chosen specifically for their experience to fit within the individual project. A tenacity to deliver the most challenging of projects to the highest standard. A proven track record working to high-level procurement processes.

At a glance

Global Logistics
Stakeholder Management
Budget Control Process Implementation
Supplier Engagement
Project Management
Health & Safety
Sustainable Production
COVID-19 safety compliance
Government level security management
Robust contingency processes


We amplify brand stories that demand attention.  Creating shareable personalised moments, connecting people, brands and culture.

At a glance

Secret Capture
Amplification Strategy
360 Filming
Innovative methods
Drone capture
Scripting & Planning
Sourcing & Securing Talent
Bespoke Influencer Model
Live Streaming
Virtual Production


We embrace innovative technology to design hyperreal technically masterful immersive experiences. Forever pushing boundaries and developing unique solutions for the most awe-inspiring results.

At a glance

Mixed Reality
Virtual Experiences
Augmented Reality
Projection Mapping
Virtual Reality
Sound Architecture
Visual Effects
Motion Graphics
Lighting Design
4D Sound