A unique content approach, with a COVID pivot.

The brief for this global property development and management company challenged The Department to promote a purposeful focus of the company that separates them from their competition. The Department developed a design response based on the relationship between human-centered design and its effect on the built environment, all through interpretive dance movement.


We started out with an initial concept, looking at a real-time immersive approach integrating movement to create its built environment result, utilising projection and motion capture along with projection mapping. With the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, a creative pivot was required whilst endeavoring to achieve a similar result and moved to a filmed content route.
Undertaking a socially distanced shoot, the dancer’s choreography was designed to create forms to then be converted to axial animations in post-production from lateral body motion which was then enhanced to form the buildings seamlessly. The resulting film has been used by the client to define new brand thinking and experience potentials.