DAY 3 - Pandemic Pioneers: Projects and Pivots

Another engaging session, featuring pre-recorded case study content, showcasing best-in-class immersive experiences, projects, and campaigns, launched during the Pandemic, with some audience Q&A thrown in for good measure. Senior brand leaders chatted about pre-existing projects, which adapted, & evolved, with the help of virtual technologies & immersive storytelling, to newly inspired creations, imagined in response to a dramatically altered marketplace.

We heard from Nico Duerbeck, Head of Sponsoring and Gaming at BMW about the brands unique approach to eSports, while Filipe Martins Gomes of Ithra told us of the latest initiative Creative Solutions in Saudi Arabia.

I think one of the favourites was from Gaetano Squillante and We Are Social’s brilliant activation on Animal Crossing in response to Pride being cancelled. So uplifting and clever!

While the pandemic led James Seager of Les Enfants Terrible to rethink their Immersive Theatre offering but it is creativity that they will bring forward to future productions (we hope!)

See the full recording below.