VR Scout reported that East-London based VR experience – Other World – might be the coolest looking VR Arcade in the capital.

Dream Corporation’s futuristic space features 14 private VR entertainment pods and a self-service bar and kitchen. Designed by architects Red Deer, it’s taking VR gaming to the next level.

The Department’s creative producer James Rowell went along to try it out.

James, how would you describe the overall experience of Other World?
It’s very Black Mirror-esque, the second we were greeted (by white-robed attendants) we were thrown right into the experience.
In my experience there can often be a bit of eye-rolling around VR – as it’s often been a bit gimmicky, showcasing the technology but not necessarily delivering an awesome experience. Other World is next level, a truly multisensory experience in and outside of the pods. It’s highly futuristic, entertaining, exciting and – in parts – breathtaking.

Ohhh, tell us more?
I tried a variety of games. One let me dance with lightsabers in time to the beat and dodge flying obstacles. This was a great party vibe and offered some light-hearted fun.
There is an amazing Google Earth VR experience where you can drop yourself anywhere in the world, stride like a giant around Earth and even fly! You can zoom in on areas or select iconic places to visit.
I visited the Christ The Redeemer statue in Rio De Janeiro and Yosemite national park in the US, it was mind-blowing. It was so realistic it was like being a helicopter. You can even change the time of day and scroll through time.

What sets it apart from other forms of entertainment?
It’s completely immersive. As tech develops it may well become the future of entertainment. It’s fully multi-sensory and stimulating in different ways (even temperature is adjusted). Through the main interface of Other World there are four seasons you can be immersed in. It’s so powerful, it’s like you’re there.
So, if you’re scared of heights it can be daunting.

What do you think comes next?
Other World has done well in developing the VR concept and really taking it to the next level. Who knows if it will stand the test of time, but it’s definitely worth a visit now. I look forward to seeing more VR experiences like this.