A larger than life Lighthouse LED Show on a private island

Originally an industrial island, Ocean Cay was acquired by MSC Cruises with conservation in mind. Transformed into a destination for cruise passengers, The Department was asked to create a permanent light installation to transform the island lighthouse into an entertainment spectacle. It was imperative to provide a solution that worked with the environmental and logistical challenges of a private island in the Bahamas.

We also had to ensure the show could be seen from more than 300 metres away at various angles by guests on the far side of the island, as well as by those watching from the Ship. This resulted in a completely bespoke solution:

Multiple daily light shows emanating from lighthouse structure on the private island in the Bahamas. Viewed by guests from both the cruise ship and the beach at sunset. Telling the story of the Marine Reserve and MSC’s dedication to conservation.
The limited resolution was a challenge for our content animation team as we needed to ensure that all content was visible with clear shape outlines

The cylindrical structure of the lighthouse with a curvilinear geometric, meant that animators had to create easy-to-read content that could ensure great viewing from all across the bay.
The Department designed 2 shows; The first show inspired by the land, the fauna and flora of the Bahamas. The 2nd diving underwater into the ocean to tell the story of marine life on this reserve.

At a Glance

5,000 visitors every 6 days

20,000 bespoke LED pixels modules

47 Moving Head lights around and atop the Lighthouse

6km cabling – equivalent of going around the island 3 times!