An Evening Washed in Colour

For the launch of the new ‘Aqua Terra’ Watch collection from OMEGA, The Department produced a high-end immersive experience that invited guests to step off the cobbled streets of London, and into a world brought to life by colour.

Taking inspiration from the Aqua Terra campaign, The Department built a unique set of sensory worlds. Colourful, personal, and emotional, each room was brought to life through use of performance, sound design, light design, unique scents, and art direction that transported guests to another world, placing the audience at the heart of the brand.

Guests gathered for a dinner that featured an all-white room, with tables and walls frequently washed by the numerous shades.
The evening finished with influential OMEGA ambassadors Zoë Kravitz, Eddie Redmayne, and Zhou Dongyu shared their excitement for the launch and shining a light on the campaign and the event itself.