"Our four-cylinder HQ is the architectural icon of the BMW Group and a special landmark of the city of Munich. We wanted to send out a strong signal of our commitment to a sustainable vision of the circular economy in the world"

Stefan Ponikva, Head of BMW Brand Communication and Experience 

Sending out a strong visual statement for sustainability, circular economy and electric mobility

The Department were tasked, by our long-standing client, to bring to life, on their iconic 4-cylinder building, the BMW story of sustainable transformation.

The Department created a spectacular projection mapping show on the facade of 99m tall BMW’s headquarters in Munich to kick off IAA Mobility – using completely green power. We took the guests on a journey through BMW’s iconic past, to their future vision, with a focus on their innovative Circular Economy. Working with the building’s unique architecture  displayed bold, colourful, and artistic content, bringing JOY to IAA, Munich, and the World!

Working with Munich’s leading event projection and temporary structure specialists, The Department rigged 36 laser energy efficient projectors across 3 projection towers, all synchronised by wireless timecode. 

The projections (16 million pixels) were all run off green power and lit up the night sky in a cycle of four animations – Re: think , Re: use , Re: duce and Re: cycle ”. As the show begins and the huge building seems to melt and the iconic cylinders fill up with liquid metal you knew you were about to witness something unforgettable. 

Film music creator and Academy Award winner Hans Zimmer provided the music.



At a Glance

3.32m engagement on BMW branded channels

879,000 likes across social media on launch night

80m Impressions

400,000 visitors to IAA

200,000 visits to BMW.com

Executive Creative Director of The Department, Hamish Jenkinson:

“The automotive industry is going through unprecedented change, with electrification, digitisation and sustainability key to any future success. We wanted to create a visual story that symbolises  how the people inside this iconic building are leading the automotive industry in a race to a more sustainable future. Thanks to an incredible team of animators, technical directors, and our production crew we achieved something truly memorable.”