When you're a 100 year old company and Tesla is trying to overtake, how do you race ahead? 

Designing for a high profile audience of CEOs from BMW’s top dealership network, we had to get the balance between future-focussed thrill and trusted partner just right.

A technological world first, befitting of the Vision Dynamics, with an autonomous,  holographic car race, bringing the car to life before our audience’s eyes for the very first time, demonstrating the future realised with the new concept car and the i8 roadster driving side by side into the future. A totally unexpected world-first debut.

With 4D sound, live theatrics, interacting with two vehicles featuring holographic representations of the iVision Dynamics. Three months of modelling and animation, including complex CGI algorithms, all designed bespoke to BMW’s auditorium stage and choreographed in perfect sync to deliver a truly immersive, multi-sensory driving experience that transported the audience to the future with BMW.

Bringing together content creation teams based in 3 different countries and time zones to tell the story of BMW’s future vision and inspire a brand that is top of their game to keep pushing the boundaries of visionary mobility.

At a Glance

300 Global CEOs in attendance

1st preview of the new iVision Dynamics concept

360 sound design

Autonomous stage carts

Integration of back projection, hologram technology, and real-life theatrics