Convincing the world that BMW are the no.1 Mobility Leaders

A new brand experience platform, designed by The Department to shift perceptions of BMW as THE mobility leader.

As an alternative to the usual generic product show, NEXTGen traveled through BMW’s future roadmap, personified by a human story. Running for 4 days attended by International Media, Influencers & Dealers.

As well as designing the platform as a whole, The Department were faced with the challenge of how to narrate BMW’s strategy in an engaging way. And so we created and produced the Opening and Closing Shows – Immersive productions combining human interaction with complex tech. Using projection mapping, holograms and lasers with our talented cast, we tell the story of a BMW car designer faced with the challenge of what the future will hold. Guided by his young daughter, he eventually reaches his eureka moment. The closing show revisits said daughter, in the future, now herself Head of Design at BMW, who explains the future strategy and launches the new BMW Vision DC Roadster.


150 International Influencers contributed to the following:

Over 45 million total reach

Almost 11.5 million total interactions

270 million total impressions

99% positive sentiment

BMW Social Performance for the NEXTGen event:

2.3 million video views

Online mentions in 99 countries

70% of online mentions UCG